Latest Episodes:

#114 July 28, 2020

Scheduling, with David Oppenheimer

We finally scheduled some time to talk to David Oppenheimer. David, a software engininer at Google, has been working on scheduling there since 2007, including on both Borg and Omega. That experience naturally led to him working on the Kubernetes scheduler, as well as starting SIG Scheduling.

#113 July 21, 2020

Instrumentation and cAdvisor, with David Ashpole

Released on the same day as Kubernetes, cadvisor is a container monitoring daemon that collects metrics and serves them to monitoring tools. It’s built into the Kubelet, and underpins many components in Kubernetes, such as eviction and autoscaling. David Ashpole of Google Cloud is TL of Kubernetes SIG Instrumentation, and the maintainer of cadvisor; he joins Adam and Craig this week to explain where instrumentation fits in the stack, and what you should do as a Kubernetes maintainer vs. a cluster administrator.

#112 July 15, 2020

Open Source and the Open Usage Commons, with Chris DiBona

An open source license grants rights on copyright and patents, but not trademarks. Chris DiBona has some ideas on how to address that. He has spent his career in open source, including over 15 years running Google’s Open Source Programs Office, and is one of the directors of the new Open Usage Commons. It launched last week with three projects - Angular, Gerrit and Istio - transferring their trademarks. Chris joins Adam and Craig to talk about Google’s work in open source, and why a new organisation is needed.

#111 July 7, 2020

Scalability, with Wojciech Tyczynski

Before Kubernetes was launched, it could have at most 25 nodes in a cluster. At 1.0, the target was 100. Meanwhile, Borg, Omega and Mesos were all running away at 10,000. What did it take to get Kubernetes to this number, and above? SIG Scalability and GKE Tech Lead Wojciech Tyczynski tells us.

#110 July 1, 2020

Mirantis, with Adrian Ionel

Over the past 20 years, Mirantis has grown from an outsourcing company for semiconductor engineers to a product company that is the new home of Docker Enterprise. Past and present CEO and “co-founder” Adrian Ionel oversaw Mirantis’s adoption of OpenStack and purchase of Docker’s enterprise business, and he joins the show to discuss them both.

#109 June 24, 2020

Kubermatic, with Sebastian Scheele

Last week Loodse, the makers of the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, made that platform open source, and rebranded their company to match. Co-founder Sebastian Scheele joins us to explain how the company and platform came about, why they’ve made their changes, and what exactly a Loodse was anyway.

#108 June 17, 2020

The Financial Times, with Sarah Wells and Dimitar Terziev

Two years ago, Sarah Wells from the Financial Times gave a KubeCon EU keynote about how the company moved from monolith to microservices, and how her Content and Metadata platform team moved to Kubernetes specifically. She joins hosts Adam and Craig to recap that migration, and what life has been like since. As Sarah has moved to a broader role in charge of all observability for The FT, she also invited Dimitar Terziev, the current platform lead for the CM team, to the conversation.

#107 June 10, 2020

CNCF: Under New Management, with Priyanka Sharma

After 5 years at the helm of the CNCF, executive director Dan Kohn is stepping down to launch a new Public Health initiative. The new General Manager of the CNCF is Priyanka Sharma, who joins our show today. Priyanka tells Craig and Adam what to expect, talks about virtual events, and gives some hints on how to rename projects.

#106 June 2, 2020

CoreDNS, with John Belamaric

In a world where pods (and IP addresses) come and go, DNS is a critical component. John Belamaric is a Senior SWE at Google, a co-chair of Kubernetes SIG Architecture, a Core Maintainer of the CoreDNS project and author of the O’Reilly Media book Learning CoreDNS: Configuring DNS for Cloud Native Environments. He joins Craig and Adam to discuss CoreDNS, the evolution of DNS in Kubernetes, and how name resolution has been made more reliable in recent releases.

#105 May 26, 2020

Cloud Foundry, with Chip Childers

Over the last 10 years, Cloud Foundry has grown from “open Heroku clone” to “software used at your bank”. The Cloud Foundry Foundation and the CNCF launched within a few months of each other in 2015, and the two worlds are now colliding as Cloud Foundry replatforms on top of Kubernetes. Our guest this week is the Executive Director of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Chip Childers. He talks to Adam and Craig about foundations, the boredom of infrastructure, and the cost of every line of code you write.