Latest Episodes:

#194 November 24, 2022

Kubernetes on Vessels, with Louis Bailleul

Louis Bailleul is a Chief Enterprise Architect at PGS. After years of running highly-ranked super computers to process PGS’ seismic data, Louis’s team at PGS has lead a transition to Google Cloud. Listen in to learn about HPC in Google Cloud with GKE, and to explore using Kubernetes to do processing on vessels at sea!

#193 November 10, 2022

KubeCon NA 2022

In this episode we bring you with us to KubeCon NA 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. We interviewed 15 attendees from various backgrounds and learned some cool insights.

#192 October 14, 2022

Hello Goodbye, with Adam Glick

After four and a half years hosting this podcast (and almost 9 years at Google) Craig Box is moving on from the latter, which unfortunately means leaving the former. But the show must go on. In this episode Craig introduces new hosts Abdel Sghiouar and Kaslin Fields. We take a small look forward, and then a big look back.

#191 October 6, 2022

Fresh Pivot, with Dan Stein

Dan Stein is an engineering manager at General Bioinformatics. Dan Stein is also DJ Fresh, a multi-million selling artist with two UK number one records. Learn about the surprising overlap between these two careers.

#190 September 29, 2022

VMware Tanzu, with Betty Junod

Betty Junod, VP of Product Marketing at VMware Tanzu, kindly took up Craig’s challenge to explain the various parts of the Tanzu ecosystem, and how the traditional IT buyer and the modern cloud native really aren’t that different.

#189 September 21, 2022

Ambient Mesh, with Justin Pettit and Ethan Jackson

When you think of a service mesh, you probably think of “sidecar containers running with each pod”. The Istio team has come up with a new approach, introduced recently as an experimental preview. Google Cloud software engineers Justin Pettit and Ethan Jackson join Craig to explore ambient mesh.

#188 September 9, 2022

Security, Access and War, with Kateryna Ivashchenko

Kateryna Ivashchenko is a Senior Demand Generation Manager at Teleport, an organizer of community events, and a supporter of the developer community in her home country of Ukraine.

#187 August 23, 2022

Kubernetes 1.25, with Cici Huang

It’s release day! We discuss today’s Kubernetes 1.25 with release team lead Cici Huang, Software Engineer at Google Cloud. What’s in, what’s out, and what is it like to lead a release you are also promoting a feature in?

#186 July 21, 2022

Gateway API Beta, with Rob Scott

Three years after they were first proposed, the new Kubernetes Gateway APIs - the evolution of the Ingress API - are in Beta. Rob Scott is a software engineer at Google and a lead on the SIG Network Gateway API project.

#185 July 14, 2022

Writing, Learning and Tech, with Ian Miell

Ian Miell is a partner at consultancy Container Solutions, and an author of books on Bash, Git, Terraform and Docker. He explains to Craig how writing - whether runbooks, blog posts, training courses, or “real” books, can help you learn and make your team more effective.