Latest Episodes:

#84 December 17, 2019

Monitoring, Metrics and M3, with Martin Mao and Rob Skillington

Martin Mao and Rob Skillington are co-founders of Chronosphere; CEO and CTO respectively. They both worked on the monitoring team at Uber, where they created M3: a metrics platform with an open source time-series database built for scale. They join Craig and Adam to talk about monitoring, metrics and M3 on the last episode of 2019.

#83 December 10, 2019

Kubernetes 1.17, with Guinevere Saenger

Hop on the release train for the fourth and final Kubernetes release for 2019. Release manager Guinevere Saenger joins Adam and Craig. to discuss how a classically trained pianist has a second act as a Kubernetes release team lead.

#82 December 3, 2019

Chaos Engineering, with Ana Margarita Medina

Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting in identifying potential areas of failure before they express themselves in outages. Ana Margarita Medina is a Chaos Engineer and Developer Advocate at Gremlin, a chaos-as-a-service vendor that recently added Kubernetes support. She talks to Adam and Craig about the discipline, and her journey to it.