Latest Episodes:

#162 September 9, 2021

ingress-nginx, with Alejandro de Brito Fontes and Ricardo Katz

The most popular Ingress controller for Kubernetes is ingress-nginx, created in 2015 by Alejandro de Brito Fontes. Alejandro stepped down earlier this year, and the project is now maintained by a team including Ricardo Katz. Learn the history and what’s in the new 1.0 release from a pair of South American self-proclaimed sysadmins.

#161 September 2, 2021

Unicron, with Daniel Megyesi

Adevinta is an online classified ads company, operating many local brands. Daniel Megyesi is a DevOps engineer at Adevinta and maintainer of their central big data and Machine Learning platform, Unicron. Learn why they wanted to replace Mesos, how they aligned their engineering efforts to do so, and the choices that had to be made to provide an easy experience for their data engineers.

#160 August 26, 2021

KEDA, with Tom Kerkhove

KEDA, the Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaler, is a project that adds superpowers to the Kubernetes horizontal pod autoscaler, including zero-to-one scaling. Celebrate KEDA reaching Incubation in the CNCF by listening to an interview with maintainer Tom Kerkhove from Codit. But first, learn about Craig’s worst concert experience.

#159 August 19, 2021

Talos, with Andrew Rynhard

Kubernetes lets us manage our infrastructure declaratively, so why do we still manage the underlying OS with a myriad of different text files? And why allow shell and SSH access to a machine that should be immutable? So asked Andrew Rynhard before creating Talos, a Linux distribution built for Kubernetes. He’s now CTO of Talos Systems, a company founded to take it to market.

#158 August 13, 2021

Telekom (with a K), with Vuk Gojnic

What is a telecommunications provider, if not a very distributed system? Kubernetes is becoming an important engine for the world’s telcos, especially as they roll out 5G. Vuk Gojnic leads the team rolling out Kubernetes across Deutsche Telekom (the parent company of T-Mobile), and he tells us how the worlds of telco and cloud have converged.

#157 August 5, 2021

Kubernetes 1.22, with Savitha Raghunathan

It’s Kubernetes release day! The team that launched v1.22 of everyone’s favourite cluster management software was led by Savitha Raghunathan, Senior Platform Engineer at MathWorks. Savitha joins host Craig Box to talk contribution, containers and cricket.

#156 July 28, 2021

Opstrace, with Sebastien Pahl

Sebastien Pahl is a pioneer of container technology, building the predecessor to Docker as a co-founder of Dotcloud. After working at some big tech companies, he’s back to the startup life as co-founder of Opstrace, a fully open source observability distribution, built on top of the tools you know and love.

#155 July 23, 2021

Software Supply Chain Security, with Priya Wadhwa

The idea of software supply chain security rocketed into the public consciousness in the last year, with the news that US government agencies had been breached. Priya Wadhwa is a software engineer at Google working on open source security, including projects to secure and verify container deployments. She outlines what is being done to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

#154 July 15, 2021

Gatekeeper and Policy Controller, with Max Smythe

Gatekeeper is an open source project which lets you enforce policy in a Kubernetes cluster. It’s also the basis for Policy Controller, a hosted and managed version now available for all GKE users. Max Smythe, a senior SWE at Google, is a maintainer of Gatekeeper and the TL of Policy Controller. He joins us to talk constraints, config and Cruise.

#153 July 9, 2021

Komodor, with Itiel Shwartz

Debugging Kubernetes often involves correlating what happened just before something went bad. Itiel Shwartz is a co-founder of Komodor, a startup who builds a platform to help with exactly that. We talk Hebrew names, Hungarian dogs and German car crashes.