Latest Episodes:

#76 October 23, 2019

Pulumi, with Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy is the founder and CEO of Pulumi, an open-source cloud development platform. He joins Adam and Craig to explain why a general purpose programming language is a better tool for cloud infrastructure than a domain-specific language (or YAML), and how you can use Pulumi to provision cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes resources alike.

#75 October 15, 2019

cert-manager, with James Munnelly

cert-manager is a certificate management toolkit for Kubernetes, commonly used to get TLS certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Project founder James Munnelly of Jetstack joins hosts Craig and Adam to explain how how certificates are issued and managed, and how cert-manager automates it all.

#74 October 8, 2019

Community and Contributor Experience, with Jorge Castro

Jorge Castro is a community manager employed by VMware to help keep the Kubernetes project running smoothly. He joins Adam and Craig to talk about the programs run by SIG Contributor Experience, the difference between supporting contributors and end users, and the recent steering committee election.

#73 October 1, 2019

CRDs, Extensibility and API Machinery, with Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is co-Chair and co-TL of SIG API Machinery, as well as TL of the corresponding Google team. Daniel has been working on Kubernetes since before it was open sourced, and is one of the top overall contributors to the codebase. He joins Adam and Craig to discuss CRDs and extensibility.

#72 September 24, 2019

Kubernetes 1.16, with Lachlan Evenson

Kubernetes 1.16 is out, and our guest this week is its release manager, Lachlan Evenson. Lachie is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and an Australian living in the US; Craig and Adam are therefore method-interviewing, being this week in those two countries respectively.

#71 September 18, 2019

containerd, with Derek McGowan

containerd was born from community desire for a core, standalone runtime to act as a piece of plumbing that applications like Kubernetes could use. It sits between command line tools like Docker, which it was spun out from, and lower-level runtimes like runC or gVisor, which execute the container’s code. This week’s guest is Derek McGowan, a Software Engineer at Docker and a containerd maintainer-d.

Along with the news of the week, Adam and Craig discuss the many Vancouvers.

#70 September 11, 2019

Windows Server Containers, with Patrick Lang

Patrick Lang is the co-chair of the Kubernetes Windows SIG. He is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, developing Kubernetes and related open-source projects supporting Windows Server Containers. Patrick joins Adam and Craig to tell the story of how containers came to Windows.

#69 September 3, 2019

kind, with Ben Elder

kind stands for Kubernetes in Docker. Originally built for continuous integration (CI) and testing of Kubernetes itself, kind has found many uses, including acting as a cluster for bootstrapping other clusters. Original author Ben Elder from Google Cloud joins Craig and Adam to talk about it.

#68 August 27, 2019

Container Camp, with Angie Maguire

Container Camp is a series of independent conferences, spanning three continents and in their fifth year. “Camp mother” Angie Maguire is the co-organiser, and is also the founder of Ladies of Code. She joins Adam, who is yet to attend a Camp, but actually goes camping, and Craig, who has spoken at Camps in London and Sydney, and prefers hotels.

#67 August 20, 2019

Orka, with Chris Chapman

Kubernetes and Docker might not seem the obvious choice for managing virtual macOS instances on hosted Apple hardware. Learn how they were used to build Orka - Orchestration for Kubernetes on Apple - a virtualisation layer for Mac build infrastructure offered by hosting company MacStadium. Craig and Adam ask MacStadium SVP of Software Chris Chapman about Orka, and how Kubernetes is useful in places you might not expect.