Latest Episodes:

#66 August 13, 2019

kubectl Plugins and krew, with Ahmet Alp Balkan and Luk Burchard

No matter how you say it, you probably use kubectl all the time. Did you know you can extend it with plugins? Did you know you can find and install those plugins using krew, a plugin manager for kubectl? krew was built by Luk Burchard, a student at TUBerlin, as an intern project. He was supervised by Ahmet Alp Balkan at Google Cloud, and they both join Craig and Adam to discuss it.

#65 August 6, 2019

Attacking and Defending Kubernetes, with Ian Coldwater

Ian Coldwater specializes in breaking and hardening Kubernetes, containers, and cloud native infrastructure. A pre-eminent voice in the Kubernetes security community, they are currently a Lead Platform Security Engineer at Heroku. Ian joins Adam and Craig to talk about the offensive and defensive arts.

#64 July 30, 2019

Cloud Code, with Sarah D'Angelo and Patrick Flynn

Cloud Code provides everything you need to write, debug, and deploy Kubernetes applications, including extensions to IDEs such as Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ. Joining Craig and Adam are Sarah D’Angelo, a UX Researcher, and Patrick Flynn, an engineering lead, both on the Cloud Code team at Google.