Latest Episodes:

#134 January 19, 2021

CNCF and the Linux Foundation, with Chris Aniszcyzk

After building the Eclipse IDE and Twitter’s Open Source office, Chris Aniszcyzk bootstrapped the CNCF, joining its parent the Linux Foundation in 2015. He’s now a VP of DevRel there, as well as CTO at the CNCF and Executive Director of the Open Container Initiative. Chris joins us to share his technology journey and Cloud Native predictions for 2021.

#133 January 12, 2021

Cilium, with Thomas Graf

Thomas Graf is the inventor of Cilium and the co-founder of Isovalent. Cilium is a container networking plugin built on top of eBPF, bringing modern SDN technologies to accelerate your pods. Adam and Craig also discuss the many uses of Christmas trees.

#132 December 16, 2020

Akri, with Kate Goldenring

Akri is a recent open source project launched by Microsoft to manage edge devices. Kate Goldenring is a software engineer in Microsoft’s Edge OS team and an Akri maintainer. She joins our final show of 2020 to talk about how to use Kubernetes to manage devices that can’t run Kubernetes.

#131 December 8, 2020

Kubernetes 1.20, with Jeremy Rickard

The final — and raddest — Kubernetes release of 2020 is 1.20. This week, Craig and Adam talk to its release team lead, Jeremy Rickard from VMware. Jeremy talks about migrating to newer Kubernetes versions, sooner or later; what was added, what was deprecated, and what that really means; and what happens when you Google your own nane.

#130 November 18, 2020

KubeCon NA 2020, with Stephen Augustus

Join us for all the news from KubeCon NA 2020, and a conversation with conference co-chair Stephen Augustus. Stephen is a Senior Open Source Engineer on the VMware Tanzu team, a chair of Kubernetes’ SIG Release, and a leader in many other parts of the project, past and present.

#129 November 10, 2020

Linkerd, with Thomas Rampelberg

Thomas Rampelberg is a software engineer with Buoyant, creators of Linkerd, and a core maintainer of that project. He is also a co-author of the Service Mesh Interface and co-creator of DC/OS. He joins Craig and Adam to talk about the two former, and pour one out for the latter.

#128 November 3, 2020

Antrea, with Antonin Bas

For pods to talk to each other in Kubernetes, you need a virtual network. Antonin Bas is a staff engineer at VMware and a maintainer of Project Antrea; a CNI plugin which provides such a network. He talks to Adam and Craig about encapsulation, virtualisation, and 10,000 year old Finnish artifacts.

#127 October 27, 2020

Pop Punk to Pods, with David Pait

David Pait was a touring musician in pop punk band Sparks The Rescue. Now, he’s an SRE working on Kubernetes at an ad-tech company. How did he get there? And if you’re looking to change careers, how might you? Craig and Adam dig in.

#126 October 20, 2020

Research, Steering and Honking, with Bob Killen

Bob Killen is co-chair of Kubernetes’ SIG Contributor Experience and was last week elected to the project’s Steering Committee. He worked in academia for 15 years, latterly working on research projects using Kubernetes, with a focus on computer security. He’s now made the leap to working on Cloud Native full time at Google. Bob joins us to explain why Kubernetes twitter is occasionally full of cartoon geese.

#125 October 13, 2020

Okteto, with Ramiro Berrelleza

Ramiro Berrelleza is CEO and co-founder of Okteto, a company making developer tools which simplify development on Kubernetes. He joins Adam and Craig to discuss how the open source project and company came about, going through Y Combinator, and the best filling for a Mission burrito.