Latest Episodes:

#96 March 24, 2020

Kubernetes 1.18, with Jorge Alarcon

Kubernetes 1.18 is out - almost! A bug has pushed it back a day. While you’re waiting, release team lead Jorge Alarcon will tell you all about the fit and finish you can expect in the release when it’s out tomorrow. Adam and Craig bring you the other community news of the week, as well as some podcast follow-up.

#95 March 17, 2020

etcd, with Xiang Li

If you’re running Kubernetes, you’re running etcd. The distributed key-value store was started as an intern project at CoreOS by Xiang Li, who is still maintaining it but now working on infrastructure at Alibaba. Xiang joins your hosts to discuss.

#94 March 10, 2020

gRPC, with Richard Belleville

Richard Belleville works at Google on gRPC, a high-performance, universal RPC framework. Richard used gRPC before joining Google to work on it; he talks to the hosts about its history and derivation from Google’s internal Stubby, how it works, and how it differs from other RPC and messaging systems.