Latest Episodes:

#22 September 26, 2018

SIG-Node, with Dawn Chen

Dawn Chen, TL for SIG-Node and the Google Kubernetes Engine node team, joins Craig and Adam this week. She has worked on containers and container schedulers since 2007 - not a typo. We also bring you the news, in part from the echo chamber of Google Cloud Summit in Sydney.

#21 September 19, 2018

Kubernetes SIG-PM, with Ihor Dvoretskyi

This week, your hosts talk to Ihor Dvoretskyi, Developer Advocate at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, about SIG-PM, the Special Interest Group for Kubernetes Program, Product and Project Management.

#20 September 12, 2018

Cloud Native Patterns for Ops, with Justin Garrison

Justin Garrison is both a student and a teacher. A senior systems engineer in the media industry, he has boiled his experience and wisdom, as well as that of his co-author Kris Nova, into the book Cloud Native Infrastructure. He talks to Craig and Adam about the Kubernetes community and the process of writing.