Latest Episodes:

#33 December 11, 2018

Envoy, with Matt Klein

The Envoy proxy, a universal data plane for Cloud Native, has just graduated as the third top-level project in the CNCF. Craig and Adam talk to its author, Matt Klein from Lyft, about modern load balancing for microservices and pragmatically avoiding “second system” syndrome.

#32 December 4, 2018

MetalLB, with David Anderson

If you’re running on-prem, and you say set up a Service type=LoadBalancer, what happens? Does your cluster call your NOC and have them order you a Juniper router? MetalLB is a popular answer to that question. Your hosts discuss load balancing with MetalLB’s author, Google Cloud SRE David Anderson.

#31 November 27, 2018

Kontena Pharos, with Jari Kolehmainen

Kontena Pharos is a Kubernetes distribution which “just works”, even on bare metal. Adam and Craig talk to Kontena’s CTO, Jari Kolehmainen on the decisions required to distribute Kubernetes and heating your house with bare metal.