Latest Episodes:

#59 June 25, 2019

Banzai Cloud, with Janos Matyas

Banzai Cloud is a cloud-native software company that builds Pipeline, a managed Cloud Native application and devops platform, featuring tools for managing multi- and hybrid-cloud Kubernetes deployments. Pipeline is open source, and Banzai Cloud has many other interesting open-source projects, including a Kubernetes distribution, and operators for things like Vault, Kafka and Istio. Adam and Craig talk to its co-founder and CTO, Janos Matyas, who is based in Budapest, but is spiritually of Oahu, Hawaii.

#58 June 18, 2019

Istio 1.2, with Louis Ryan

Istio 1.2 has been released. Louis Ryan is a core contributor to Istio and a member of its Technical Oversight Committee, in his role as Principal Engineer at Google Cloud. He talks to Craig and Adam about his history with API infrastructure and the service mesh, and the history and future of the Istio project.

#57 June 11, 2019

Rancher Labs, with Darren Shepherd

Darren Shepherd builds the Cloud at Rancher Labs, a company making entirely open source Kubernetes tooling, from the enterprise to the edge. This week Craig and Adam will finally learn how to pronounce ‘k3s’ and ‘k3OS’.