Latest Episodes:

#13 July 23, 2018

Google Cloud Services Platform, with Aparna Sinha

Learn about the announcements from Google Cloud Next, including GKE On-Prem, Cloud Services Platform, and Istio 1.0. Google’s product management lead for Kubernetes and CNCF governing board member Aparna Sinha joins Adam and Craig to discuss what’s new.

#12 July 17, 2018

Kubernetes Origins, with Joe Beda

Joe Beda, Craig McLuckie and Brendan Burns are considered the “co-founders” of Kubernetes; working with the cluster management teams at Google, they made the case that their implementation of the Borg and Omega patterns should become a proper product. Joe and Craig now run Heptio, a company working to bring Kubernetes to the enterprise. Your hosts talk to Joe Beda about the history of Kubernetes, creating a diverse company, and what exactly is wrong with YAML.

#11 July 10, 2018

Helm, with Vic Iglesias

Helm and its Charts help you manage Kubernetes applications. Vic Iglesias, a Solutions Architect at Google Cloud, is a maintainer of the Helm charts repository. He talks to Craig and Adam about how people are using Helm, and where the project is going.