Latest Episodes:

#96 March 24, 2020

Kubernetes 1.18, with Jorge Alarcon

Kubernetes 1.18 is out - almost! A bug has pushed it back a day. While you’re waiting, release team lead Jorge Alarcon will tell you all about the fit and finish you can expect in the release when it’s out tomorrow. Adam and Craig bring you the other community news of the week, as well as some podcast follow-up.

#95 March 17, 2020

etcd, with Xiang Li

If you’re running Kubernetes, you’re running etcd. The distributed key-value store was started as an intern project at CoreOS by Xiang Li, who is still maintaining it but now working on infrastructure at Alibaba. Xiang joins your hosts to discuss.

#94 March 10, 2020

gRPC, with Richard Belleville

Richard Belleville works at Google on gRPC, a high-performance, universal RPC framework. Richard used gRPC before joining Google to work on it; he talks to the hosts about its history and derivation from Google’s internal Stubby, how it works, and how it differs from other RPC and messaging systems.

#93 March 3, 2020

Kubeflow 1.0, with Jeremy Lewi

Kubeflow, the Machine Learning toolkit for Kubernetes, has hit 1.0. Google software engineer Jeremy Lewi is a core contributor to Kubeflow and was a founder of the project. He joins the show to discuss what Kubeflow does, and what it means to have hit 1.0.

#92 February 25, 2020

Accelerators and GPUs at NVIDIA, with Pramod Ramarao

GPUs do more than move shapes on a gamer’s screen - they increasingly move self-driving cars and 5G packets, running on Kubernetes. Pramod Ramarao is a Product Manager at NVIDIA, and joins your hosts to talk about accelerators, containers, drivers, machine learning and more.

#91 February 18, 2020

eBPF and Falco, with Leonardo Di Donato

We dive into the Linux kernel this week with guest Leonardo Di Donato, Open Source engineer at Sysdig. Leonardo works full-time on the Falco project, a runtime security engine that listens to the Linux kernel using eBPF - the extended Berkeley Packet Filter. Leonardo tells the hosts about the architecture of eBPF, how he has used it before and now, and what’s coming up for Falco.

#90 February 11, 2020

CockroachDB, with Peter Mattis

Peter Mattis is a creator of the CockroachDB open source database and co-founder and CTO of Cockroach Labs. His history in open source goes back to the creation of the GIMP image editor and UI toolkit Gtk at university in 1995, and his history at Google saw him work on storage and build systems. Hosts Craig and Adam ask him about all of the above.

#89 February 4, 2020

GitLab, with Marin Jankovski

GitLab is a single application DevOps platform, including source code management and CI/CD tools for targets including Kubernetes. The application itself runs on Kubernetes, including in its largest installation, the SaaS version at Marin Jankovski is an Engineering Manager at GitLab, where he was Employee #1. He joins Craig and Adam to talk about migrating to Kubernetes, remaining a monolith, and the company value of radical transparency.

#88 January 28, 2020

VMs, Edge, and Platform9, with Madhura Maskasky

Madhura Maskasky is co-founder and VP of Product at Platform9, a company who manage both OpenStack and Kubernetes. She talks to Adam and Craig about the transition from VMs to containers, why OpenStack is still relevant, and what they have to do to be able to offer a 99.9% SLA on cloud-native applications.

#87 January 21, 2020

Multitenancy at Cruise, with Karl Isenberg

Self-driving cars need self-driving backend infrastructure. Karl Isenberg is the tech lead & manager of the platform team at Cruise, a self-driving car company backed by GM and Honda. He joins hosts Craig and Adam to discuss two years of running multitenant Kubernetes.