Latest Episodes:

#18 August 28, 2018

Supporting Kubernetes, with Ken Massada

What does it take to support Kubernetes for other users? Kenneth Massada, a lead for GKE support at Google Cloud, tells Craig and Adam his story.

#17 August 21, 2018

Shopify and Security, with Jon Pulsifer

Jon Pulsifer is a Production Security Engineer at Shopify, and Canada’s biggest Kubernetes fan. Adam and Craig dig into why, and what Adam’s new mode of transport is going to be.

#16 August 14, 2018

Descartes Labs, with Tim Kelton

Tim Kelton is co-founder and cloud architect for Descartes Labs. Prior to starting Descartes Labs, he was a R&D engineer for 15 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working on problem areas such as deep learning, space systems, nuclear non-proliferation, and counterterrorism. Tim talks to Craig and Adam about the use of Kubernetes and Istio in geopolitics, machine learning and food supply.