Latest Episodes:

#26 October 23, 2018

Agones, with Cyril Tovena and Mark Mandel

Ubisoft and Google Cloud have extended Kubernetes to support dedicated game servers. Cyril Tovena, a Technical Lead from Ubisoft in Montreal, and Mark Mandel a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, lead the project. They talk to Adam and Craig about what they had to do, the Agones community, and how you can apply it to your Enterprise Software.

#25 October 16, 2018

GKE Container-Native Load Balancing, with Ines Envid and Neha Pattan

GKE container-native load balancing enables Google Cloud load balancers to target Pods directly, rather than the VMs that host them, and to evenly distribute their traffic. Product manager Ines Envid and staff software engineer Neha Pattan explain how.

#24 October 10, 2018

Spinnaker, with Steven Kim

Steven Kim is an engineering manager at Google, based in New York City, working on the Spinnaker project. In a companion piece to last week’s episode about CI and CD, Steven talks to Craig and Adam about how Spinnaker evolved from VMs to Kubernetes and support for other cloud native technologies.