Latest Episodes:

#42 February 26, 2019

Policy and Config Management, with John Murray

Kubernetes has a number of mechanisms to enforce policy: some built-in, like quota and NetworkPolicy; some extensions or add-ons like OPA. John Murray, a product manager at Google Cloud, joins Craig and Adam to talk about policy and configuration, and introduce the new CSP Config Management tool launched to Beta along with the new Cloud Services Platform.

#41 February 19, 2019

Ingress, with Tim Hockin

The history of Borg influences the history of Kubernetes in many ways: Google has different teams handle “get traffic to a cluster” and “serve traffic”, so Kubernetes has a conceptual split here too. Tim Hockin, Kubernetes co-founder, Google principal engineer and former Borg/Omega team leader, joins Adam and Craig to explain the history and future of the Ingress API, why it’s taken so long to get to v1, and how it might evolve in the future.

#40 February 12, 2019

GKE Usage Metering, with Madhu Yennamani

The new GKE Usage Metering feature lets you find out how much your tenants or applications cost to run. Your hosts talk to Madhu Yennamani, product manager at Google Cloud, about usage metering, and how new GKE features are implemented.