Latest Episodes:

#12 July 17, 2018

Kubernetes Origins, with Joe Beda

Joe Beda, Craig McLuckie and Brendan Burns are considered the “co-founders” of Kubernetes; working with the cluster management teams at Google, they made the case that their implementation of the Borg and Omega patterns should become a proper product. Joe and Craig now run Heptio, a company working to bring Kubernetes to the enterprise. Your hosts talk to Joe Beda about the history of Kubernetes, creating a diverse company, and what exactly is wrong with YAML.

#11 July 10, 2018

Helm, with Vic Iglesias

Helm and its Charts help you manage Kubernetes applications. Vic Iglesias, a Solutions Architect at Google Cloud, is a maintainer of the Helm charts repository. He talks to Craig and Adam about how people are using Helm, and where the project is going.

#10 July 3, 2018

Kubernetes 1.11, with Josh Berkus and Tim Pepper

A special extended episode going deep on the process of releasing Kubernetes, and this week’s 1.11 release in particular. Hear from Josh Berkus from Red Hat and Tim Pepper from VMware, release manager and shadow release manager for Kubernetes 1.11, on how a release team is put together, the good and the bad of 1.11, and how Kubernetes is like a pastry oven.