Latest Episodes:

#45 March 21, 2019

SPIFFE, with Andrew Jessup

SPIFFE is the Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone. Craig hates the name. Andrew Jessup, co-founder and VP of Product at Scytale (with a C) tells him and Adam why they should look past that and how Jason Bourne fits into the world of Cloud Native.

#44 March 13, 2019

Continuous Delivery Foundation, with Tracy Miranda

Today Google and CloudBees, along with 20 other companies, launch the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). Tracy Miranda is the Director of Open Source Community at CloudBees, who coordinated donating Jenkins and Jenkins X to the CDF. She talks to Adam and Craig about why it the CDF been formed, and what to expect in this space in the future.

#43 March 6, 2019

Borg, Omega, Kubernetes and Beyond, with Brian Grant

Brian Grant joined the Borg team in 2009, and went on to co-found both Omega and Kubernetes. He is co-Technical Lead of Google Kubernetes Engine, co-Chair of Kubernetes SIG Architecture, a Kubernetes API approver, a Kubernetes Steering Committee member, and a CNCF Technical Oversight Committee member, where he’s sponsored 11 CNCF projects. Your hosts talk to him about all those things.