Latest Episodes:

#16 August 14, 2018

Descartes Labs, with Tim Kelton

Tim Kelton is co-founder and cloud architect for Descartes Labs. Prior to starting Descartes Labs, he was a R&D engineer for 15 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working on problem areas such as deep learning, space systems, nuclear non-proliferation, and counterterrorism. Tim talks to Craig and Adam about the use of Kubernetes and Istio in geopolitics, machine learning and food supply.

#15 August 7, 2018

Istio, with Jasmine Jaksic and Dan Ciruli

Istio has hit 1.0, and there’s no-one better to tell you about it than Jasmine Jaksic and Dan Ciruli from Google Cloud. Adam and Craig bring you this, as well as the news from the ecosystem.

#14 July 31, 2018

Knative, with Oren Teich

One of the most interesting announcements from Google Cloud Next was Knative, a framework for building serverless products on top of Kubernetes. Craig and Adam talk to Google Director of Product Management, Oren Teich, about the launch.