Latest Episodes:

#53 May 14, 2019

Optiva and Arctiq, with Dan Dyer and Kyle Bassett

Dan Dyer is Senior Vice President of Technical Product Management at Optiva, a provider of business support services to the telecommunications industry. Optiva have been moving services to Kubernetes, and with the help of Kyle Bassett and team from Arctiq, a cloud-native consultancy, kicking the tyres of Anthos and GKE On-Prem. Adam and Craig learn about this journey from Dan and Kyle, and discuss dragons and foxes.

#52 May 7, 2019

AutoTrader UK, with Russell Warman and Karl Stoney

AutoTrader UK were an early adopter of Istio. Adopting it to meet GDPR requirements for encrypted traffic, Head of Infrastructure and Operations Russell Warman and lead engineer Karl Stoney have gone on to use it to reduce resource usage, and thus cost, as well as uncover bugs in their applications. They talk to Craig about it, while Adam serves his country.

#51 April 30, 2019

KeyBank, with Gabe Jaynes

Gabe Jaynes is a DevOps Architect at KeyBank, an American retail bank. KeyBank were an early adopter of containers, and Gabe talks about the reasons they undertook this transformation. Craig and Adam also celebrate our first birthday and spoil the concept of spoilers.