Latest Episodes:

#21 September 19, 2018

Kubernetes SIG-PM, with Ihor Dvoretskyi

This week, your hosts talk to Ihor Dvoretskyi, Developer Advocate at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, about SIG-PM, the Special Interest Group for Kubernetes Program, Product and Project Management.

#20 September 12, 2018

Cloud Native Patterns for Ops, with Justin Garrison

Justin Garrison is both a student and a teacher. A senior systems engineer in the media industry, he has boiled his experience and wisdom, as well as that of his co-author Kris Nova, into the book Cloud Native Infrastructure. He talks to Craig and Adam about the Kubernetes community and the process of writing.

#19 September 5, 2018

kube-hunter and KubeCon, with Liz Rice

Liz Rice from Aqua Security builds penetration testing tools for Kubernetes by day, and runs the KubeCon program by night. Adam and Craig dig into both topics.