Latest Episodes:

#40 February 12, 2019

GKE Usage Metering, with Madhu Yennamani

The new GKE Usage Metering feature lets you find out how much your tenants or applications cost to run. Your hosts talk to Madhu Yennamani, product manager at Google Cloud, about usage metering, and how new GKE features are implemented.

#39 February 5, 2019

Minikube, with Dan Lorenc

Minikube is a tool that makes it easy to run Kubernetes locally, by running a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a VM on your desktop or laptop. Craig and Adam talk to author and maintainer Dan Lorenc from Google Cloud, and in the wake of the Super Bowl, discuss how “football” means something different to each of them.

#38 January 29, 2019

Kubernetes Failure Stories, with Henning Jacobs

You learn so much more from failure than success. Henning Jacobs, head of Developer Productivity at Zalando, joins Adam and Craig to share his own stories of failure, and talk about what he has learned by reading stories from others.