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#208 September 21, 2023

History of containerd, with Phil Estes

This week we explore the history of containers, particularly containerd, with Phil Estes. Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: web: mail: twitter: @kubernetespod News of the week Notary Project announces a major release! (Blog) Kubernetes Legacy Package Repositories Will Be Frozen On September 13, 2023 (Blog) Gateway API v0.8.0: Introducing Service Mesh Support (Blog) Amazon VPC CNI now supports Kubernetes Network Policies (Blog) Introducing VMware Tanzu Developer Portal: Empowering Developers with Enterprise-Grade Backstage Google Cloud Next page Google Cloud Next Blogs Google Cloud Post-Next Videos KubeCon NA 2023 Schedule Rig.

#207 September 4, 2023

Kubernetes 1.28 with Grace Nguyen

Guest is Grace Nguyen. Kubernetes 1.28 release lead and student at the University of Waterloo. Grace had to juggle exams and community work to bring Kubernetes 1.28 to life. We will get to know grace and learn what work went into release, where the theme come from and what’s special about it

#206 August 21, 2023

LeakSignal with Wesley Hales and Max Bruce

Guests are Wesley Hales and Max Bruce are co-founders of LeakSignal. LeakSignal is an American startup which is building a set of tools and products to detect and prevent data exfiltration in Service Meshes and proxies supporting Envoy and proxy-wasm.

#205 July 27, 2023

The State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization, with Fernando Rubbo and Kent Hua

“The State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization,” is a recent report based on research into best practices for running Kubernetes clusters. If you’re running your workloads as efficiently as possible, your costs will be optimal too. The report reviews the data and offers recommendations on tools and techniques you can use to optimize your Kubernetes clusters. We talk with two of the report’s creators, Fernando Rubbo and Kent Hua, to learn more.

#204 June 30, 2023

Platform Engineering, with Nicholas Eberts

This week we speak to GKE Project Manager, Nicholas Eberts, about Platform Engineering. He draws from his considerable experience both with the Cloud Native community and working with businesses to set up their cloud platforms to explore the trend.

#203 June 19, 2023

Docker && WASM, with Justin Cormack

This week we speak to Justin Cormack the CTO of Docker. We talked about WASM (or WebAssembly Modules), Docker support for running WASM apps and the future of the technology.

#202 June 6, 2023

KubeCon EU 2023

In this episode we bring you with us to KubeCon EU 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We interviewed several attendees about their experience at the conference.

#201 May 15, 2023

Kubernetes 1.27 Chill Vibes, with Xander Grzywinski

Xander Grzywinski is a Senior Open Source Product Manager at Microsoft and the Kubernetes 1.27 release lead. We interviewed Xander to explore some highlights from the release, and discuss a bit about what it’s like to work with the release team.

#200 April 24, 2023

Kubernetes Community Check-up, with Paris Pittman

Paris Pittman is a Senior Program Manager at the Open Source Program office at Apple. A Prominent Kubernetes and CNCF member who served many roles with a focus on community and governance. Paris was on some key milestones for this show. First appearance was on Episode 1 and later on Episode 100. So we could not be happier to have Paris back in Episode 200. We discussed how Paris got started with community work and how the experience has been. Paris shared with us some words of wisdom on the power of working with others and the importance of moving on.

#199 April 13, 2023


In this episode we bring you with us to Southern California Linux Expo, or SCaLE20x in Pasadena, California. We interviewed several attendees about their experience at the conference.