Latest Episodes:

#182 June 10, 2022

Cloud Native Storage, with Alex Chircop

As we move further up the stack, we rely on many foundations – including storage. Alex Chircop is co-chair of the CNCF Storage Technical Advisory Group (TAG), as well as founder and CEO of Ondat (formerly StorageOS). Join us to learn why no app is truly stateless, and how data is the new storage.

#181 June 1, 2022

Configuration as Data, with Justin Santa Barbara

What is configuration as data, how is different from infrastructure as code, and why can’t anything just be itself anymore? We posed these questions and more to long-time Kubernetes contributor Justin Santa Barbara at KubeCon EU, and this episode is the result. Justin created the kOps project and now leads the team at Google that makes Kubernetes easier to consume.

#180 May 19, 2022

KubeCon EU 2022, with Ricardo Rocha

Live from Valencia, it’s KubeCon EU! Craig talks to conference co-chair and CERN computer scientist Ricardo Rocha about the event, and what it’s like to be in a room full of people again.

#179 May 11, 2022

Docker, with Scott Johnston

Docker CEO Scott Johnston joins us to talk about the announcements from this week’s DockerCon, the transition from an enterprise to a developer tools company, and the Internet’s favourite whale.

#178 May 5, 2022

Kubernetes 1.24, with James Laverack

Gaze into the stars with Kubernetes 1.24 release team lead, James Laverack. James is a software engineer turned solutions engineer at Jetstack, and explains the difference between the two roles, as well as how he found his home in SIG Release and what to expect in 1.24.

#177 April 28, 2022

IstioCon, with Mitch Connors

Big week for Istio! Craig talks to Mitch Connors, Istio user experience working group lead and IstioCon program committee co-chair, about the project and the conference. Mitch talks to Craig about the news that Istio has been proposed to the CNCF.

#176 April 14, 2022

Language, Learning and Leadership, with Divya Mohan

Divya Mohan is a Technical Writer with SUSE, a CNCF Ambassador, co-chair of Kubernetes SIG Docs, and a mentor to new contributors. Learn how her love of language and learning led her from production support to the core of the community.

#175 April 6, 2022

Shipa, with Bruno Andrade

Bruno Andrade is founder and CEO of Shipa, delivering applications and policy “as code” to Kubernetes with a SaaS model. We discuss founding companies in Canada vs the USA, abstractions for deploying apps, and whether Kubernetes will really ever disappear.

#174 March 30, 2022

in-toto, with Santiago Torres-Arias

When is it safe to run software? When is it safe to drink orange juice? Are we a better judge of one or the other? Santiago Torres-Arias is an Assistant Professor at Purdue University, the team lead of the in-toto project, and a contributor to The Update Framework. He joins Craig to talk security in both physical and software supply chains.

#173 March 23, 2022

ThreatMapper, with Sandeep Lahane and Owen Garrett

ThreatMapper is an open source tool that hunts for vulnerabilities in your production Kubernetes environment, and ranks them based on their risk of exploit. It is built by Deepfence, who also sell a commercial product based on it called ThreatStryker. Co-founder/CEO Sandeep Lahane and head of products/community Owen Garrett join Craig to discuss how to decide what to open and what to keep closed, and just how deep his fence needs to be.