Latest Episodes:

#201 May 15, 2023

Kubernetes 1.27 Chill Vibes, with Xander Grzywinski

Xander Grzywinski is a Senior Open Source Product Manager at Microsoft and the Kubernetes 1.27 release lead. We interviewed Xander to explore some highlights from the release, and discuss a bit about what it’s like to work with the release team.

#200 April 24, 2023

Kubernetes Community Check-up, with Paris Pittman

Paris Pittman is a Senior Program Manager at the Open Source Program office at Apple. A Prominent Kubernetes and CNCF member who served many roles with a focus on community and governance. Paris was on some key milestones for this show. First appearance was on Episode 1 and later on Episode 100. So we could not be happier to have Paris back in Episode 200. We discussed how Paris got started with community work and how the experience has been. Paris shared with us some words of wisdom on the power of working with others and the importance of moving on.

#199 April 13, 2023


In this episode we bring you with us to Southern California Linux Expo, or SCaLE20x in Pasadena, California. We interviewed several attendees about their experience at the conference.

#198 March 27, 2023

Breaking Kubernetes For Fun and Profit, with David Flanagan

David Flanagan is a developer, educator and technology enthusiast with a special interest for Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies. David is the founder of Rawkode Academy, an online platform aiming at teaching kubernetes to developers.

One of the popular shows on RawKode is Klustered. Where david invites people to fix broken kubernetes clusters, learn a thing or two and have a laugh

#197 March 3, 2023

Cloud Native Security Con with Emily Fox

Emily Fox is a security engineer @Apple Cloud Services, a CNCF Technical Oversight Committee member and co-chair for a bunch of CNCF events including recently the Cloud Native Security Conference in Seattle.

We had a chance to talk to Emily about the first edition of the CNSC 2023, her involvement with the CNCF community. Her role as a security engineer and some career discussions.

#196 February 14, 2023

Kubernetes Registry, with Benjamin Elder

Benjamin Elder is a Senior Software Engineer at Google, a Kubernetes SIG Testing Chair & Tech Lead, and a Kubernetes Steering Committee member. In this episode we got to chat with Benjamin about the new kubernetes registry migration from to We also had an opportunity to discuss the community, the various SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) Benjamin is involved with the amount of work needed to drive the project forward.

#195 December 15, 2022

Kubernetes v1.26 Electrifying, with Leonard Pahlke

Leonard Pahlke is not only the Release Lead for Kubernetes v1.26, he’s also a co-chair of the CNCF TAG for Environmental Sustainability and a student working toward a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. In this episode, Leonard talks with us about Open Source contribution, environmental sustainability, and Kubernetes v1.26.

#194 November 24, 2022

Kubernetes on Vessels, with Louis Bailleul

Louis Bailleul is a Chief Enterprise Architect at PGS. After years of running highly-ranked super computers to process PGS’ seismic data, Louis’s team at PGS has lead a transition to Google Cloud. Listen in to learn about HPC in Google Cloud with GKE, and to explore using Kubernetes to do processing on vessels at sea!

#193 November 10, 2022

KubeCon NA 2022

In this episode we bring you with us to KubeCon NA 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. We interviewed 15 attendees from various backgrounds and learned some cool insights.

#192 October 14, 2022

Looking Forward and Back, with Adam Glick

After four and a half years hosting this podcast (and almost 9 years at Google) Craig Box is moving on from the latter, which unfortunately means leaving the former. But the show must go on. In this episode Craig introduces new hosts Abdel Sghiouar and Kaslin Fields. We take a small look forward, and then a big look back.