Latest Episodes:

#190 September 29, 2022

VMware Tanzu, with Betty Junod

Betty Junod, VP of Product Marketing at VMware Tanzu, kindly took up Craig’s challenge to explain the various parts of the Tanzu ecosystem, and how the traditional IT buyer and the modern cloud native really aren’t that different.

#189 September 21, 2022

Ambient Mesh, with Justin Pettit and Ethan Jackson

When you think of a service mesh, you probably think of “sidecar containers running with each pod”. The Istio team has come up with a new approach, introduced recently as an experimental preview. Google Cloud software engineers Justin Pettit and Ethan Jackson join Craig to explore ambient mesh.

#188 September 9, 2022

Security, Access and War, with Kateryna Ivashchenko

Kateryna Ivashchenko is a Senior Demand Generation Manager at Teleport, an organizer of community events, and a supporter of the developer community in her home country of Ukraine.

#187 August 23, 2022

Kubernetes 1.25, with Cici Huang

It’s release day! We discuss today’s Kubernetes 1.25 with release team lead Cici Huang, Software Engineer at Google Cloud. What’s in, what’s out, and what is it like to lead a release you are also promoting a feature in?

#186 July 21, 2022

Gateway API Beta, with Rob Scott

Three years after they were first proposed, the new Kubernetes Gateway APIs - the evolution of the Ingress API - are in Beta. Rob Scott is a software engineer at Google and a lead on the SIG Network Gateway API project.

#185 July 14, 2022

Writing, Learning and Tech, with Ian Miell

Ian Miell is a partner at consultancy Container Solutions, and an author of books on Bash, Git, Terraform and Docker. He explains to Craig how writing - whether runbooks, blog posts, training courses, or “real” books, can help you learn and make your team more effective.

#184 July 7, 2022

Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation, with Sabine Wolz

Why does a car manufacturer own an IT company? How did that IT company end up running 900 Kubernetes clusters, starting at version 0.9? Craig asks these questions and more of Sabine Wolz, Product Manager at Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation.

#183 July 1, 2022

Consulting, with Steve Wade

Gone are the days of working at the same company for 50 years. Consultants and contractors bring specialised experience to many companies in short bursts. Steve Wade is an independent Kubernetes consultant and trainer, and he tells us how that became the life for him.

#182 June 10, 2022

Cloud Native Storage, with Alex Chircop

As we move further up the stack, we rely on many foundations – including storage. Alex Chircop is co-chair of the CNCF Storage Technical Advisory Group (TAG), as well as founder and CEO of Ondat (formerly StorageOS). Join us to learn why no app is truly stateless, and how data is the new storage.

#181 June 1, 2022

Configuration as Data, with Justin Santa Barbara

What is configuration as data, how is different from infrastructure as code, and why can’t anything just be itself anymore? We posed these questions and more to long-time Kubernetes contributor Justin Santa Barbara at KubeCon EU, and this episode is the result. Justin created the kOps project and now leads the team at Google that makes Kubernetes easier to consume.