Latest Episodes:

#230 July 9, 2024

Observability & Engineering Management, with Charity Majors

Charity Majors is the co-founder and CTO of She pioneered the concept of modern Observability, drawing on her years of experience building and managing massive distributed systems at Parse (acquired by Facebook), then subsequently at Facebook, and at Linden Lab building Second Life. She is the co-author of Observability Engineering and Database Reliability Engineering (O’Reilly). She loves free speech, free software and single malt scotch.

#229 June 25, 2024

AI/ML in Kubernetes, with Maciej Szulik, Clayton Coleman, and Dawn Chen

In this episode, we talk to three active leaders who have been around since the very beginning of Kubernetes. We explore how Kubernetes has changed since its inception, with a particular focus on current efforts in Open source Kubernetes to support AI/ML style workloads.

#228 June 11, 2024

Leading Kubernetes into its Second Decade

We talk with Nikhita Raghunath, Nabarun Pal, and Paco Xu. Nikhita, Nabarun, and Paco have each held various leadership positions related to the Kubernetes project. They talk about their journeys, the various leadership roles they’ve been in, and offer advice for new contributors and those who want to move into leadership in the project.

#227 June 6, 2024

10th Anniversary Special with Tim Hockin and Kelsey Hightower

Welcome to the second episode of the 4 part special series for the Kubernetes 10 year anniversary. In this episode we spoke to two very influential people in Kubernetes’ history. Tim Hockin and Kelsey Hightower Both have been involved with the project since its inception and both had, and continue to have, impact on the project and the community.

#226 May 29, 2024

A Decade of Kubernetes Contribution

This episode is the first in our four-part Kubernetes 10 Years Anniversary special! The focus of this episode is on Kubernetes maintainers who have been involved with the project since its early days, and who are still active today. Featuring guests: David Eads, Davanum Srinivas (Dims), and Federico Bongiovanni.

David Eads is a senior principal software engineer at Red Hat. He started contributing to Kubernetes before v1 and now serves as a sig-auth tech lead and sig-apimachinery tech lead and chair.

Dims is a principal engineer at AWS, long term contributor to Kubernetes who served in multiple committees for the project. Today dims is in the Technical Oversight Committee or TOC. Welcome to the show Dims!

Federico Bongiovanni is an engineering manager at Google. He started using Kubernetes in the early days at a previous company, and became a contributor about 6 years ago when he joined Google. Today, he’s a Co-chair of SIG-APIMachinery. Welcome to the show! Would you like to tell us more about yourself?

#225 May 15, 2024

Postgres on Kubernetes, with Álvaro Hernández

Álvaro Hernández is the founder and CEO of OnGres a company that provides among other things a distribution of Postgres that runs on Kubernetes, called “StackGres”. Álvaro is also an AWS Data Hero and a passionate database and open source software developer

#224 April 30, 2024

OpenFeature, with Thomas Poignant and Todd Baert

Thomas Poignant and Todd Baert are Software engineers with long experience working on IAM systems and feature flagging software. Today they are both maintainers and members of the Technical Committee of OpenFeature which is a CNCF incubated project

#223 April 17, 2024

Kubernetes v1.30: "Uwubernetes", with Kat Cosgrove

In this episode, release lead Kat Cosgrove walks us through what’s new in Kubernetes 1.30. Recorded at KubeCon EU 2024.

#222 April 8, 2024

KubeCon EU 2024

KubeCon EU 2024 was the largest KubeCon yet! Explore the trends and learnings from the event through interviews with attendees.

#221 March 19, 2024

Creating Envoy, with Matt Klein

Matt Klein is the CTO of bitdrift which is building a Mobile observability platform. Matt is known for being the creator of Envoy, one of the most popular open source proxies in the cloud space.