Latest Episodes:

#225 May 15, 2024

Postgres on Kubernetes, with Álvaro Hernández

Álvaro Hernández is the founder and CEO of OnGres a company that provides among other things a distribution of Postgres that runs on Kubernetes, called “StackGres”. Álvaro is also an AWS Data Hero and a passionate database and open source software developer

#224 April 30, 2024

OpenFeature, with Thomas Poignant and Todd Baert

Thomas Poignant and Todd Baert are Software engineers with long experience working on IAM systems and feature flagging software. Today they are both maintainers and members of the Technical Committee of OpenFeature which is a CNCF incubated project

#223 April 17, 2024

Kubernetes v1.30: "Uwubernetes", with Kat Cosgrove

In this episode, release lead Kat Cosgrove walks us through what’s new in Kubernetes 1.30. Recorded at KubeCon EU 2024.

#222 April 8, 2024

KubeCon EU 2024

KubeCon EU 2024 was the largest KubeCon yet! Explore the trends and learnings from the event through interviews with attendees.

#221 March 19, 2024

Creating Envoy, with Matt Klein

Matt Klein is the CTO of bitdrift which is building a Mobile observability platform. Matt is known for being the creator of Envoy, one of the most popular open source proxies in the cloud space.

#220 March 6, 2024

Falco Graduation, with Mike Coleman

Mike Coleman is a developer advocate at Sysdig focused on open source software and spends a lot of time working on the Falco project.

In this episode, we explore how Falco enables runtime security and celebrate its recent graduation!

#219 February 20, 2024

API Machinery, Chaos and Dishwashers, with Lucas Käldström

Lucas Käldström is a CNCF Ambassador, Kubernetes contributor and expert. Lucas Co-led SIG cluster lifecycle, ported Kubernetes to ARM and shepherded kubeadm from inception to GA. Today Lucas runs three meetup groups in Finland, studies at Aalto University, and, when time allows, contributes to cloud native software as a contractor.

We chatted about Kubernetes API machinery, Chaos, Entropy, and Dishwashers.

#218 February 9, 2024

Kubernetes stale reads, with Madhav Jivrajani

Madhav Jivrajani is an engineer at VMware, a tech lead in SIG Contributor Experience and a GitHub Admin for the Kubernetes project. He also contributes to the storage layer of Kubernetes, focusing on reliability and scalability.

In this episode we talked with Madhav about a recent post on social media about a very interesting stale reads issue in Kubernetes, and what the community is doing about it.

#217 January 23, 2024

Cilium and eBPF, with Bill Mulligan

Guest is Bill Mulligan. Bill is Community Pollinator at Isovalent working on Cilium and eBPF. We learned how to properly pronounce Isovalent and what it actually means. We also spoke in depth about eBPF, Cilium, network function in Kubernetes and more.

#216 January 9, 2024

NAIS, with Johnny Horvi and Frode Sundby

This week’s guests are Johnny Horvi and Frode Sundby from NAVs (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) platform team. We talked about NAIS. A kubernetes-based team centric platform aiming at providing the tools needed to deploy and operate apps easily.