Latest Episodes:

#219 February 20, 2024

API Machinery, Chaos and Dishwashers, with Lucas Käldström

Lucas Käldström is a CNCF Ambassador, Kubernetes contributor and expert. Lucas Co-led SIG cluster lifecycle, ported Kubernetes to ARM and shepherded kubeadm from inception to GA. Today Lucas runs three meetup groups in Finland, studies at Aalto University, and, when time allows, contributes to cloud native software as a contractor.

We chatted about Kubernetes API machinery, Chaos, Entropy, and Dishwashers.

#218 February 9, 2024

Kubernetes stale reads, with Madhav Jivrajani

Madhav Jivrajani is an engineer at VMware, a tech lead in SIG Contributor Experience and a GitHub Admin for the Kubernetes project. He also contributes to the storage layer of Kubernetes, focusing on reliability and scalability.

In this episode we talked with Madhav about a recent post on social media about a very interesting stale reads issue in Kubernetes, and what the community is doing about it.

#217 January 23, 2024

Cilium and eBPF, with Bill Mulligan

Guest is Bill Mulligan. Bill is Community Pollinator at Isovalent working on Cilium and eBPF. We learned how to properly pronounce Isovalent and what it actually means. We also spoke in depth about eBPF, Cilium, network function in Kubernetes and more.

#216 January 9, 2024

NAIS, with Johnny Horvi and Frode Sundby

This week’s guests are Johnny Horvi and Frode Sundby from NAVs (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) platform team. We talked about NAIS. A kubernetes-based team centric platform aiming at providing the tools needed to deploy and operate apps easily.

#215 December 13, 2023

Kubernetes 1.29, with Priyanka Saggu

In this episode we interviewed Priyanka Saggu, Kubernetes v1.29 release lead and SIG ContribEx Tech Lead. We spoke about the release, the new features and enhancements, and more.

#214 December 5, 2023

KubeCon NA 2023

This episode, Kaslin went to KubeCon North America In Chicago. She spoke to folks on the ground, asked them about their impressions of the conference, and collected a bunch of cool responses.

#213 November 28, 2023

Kubernetes Pen Testing, with Jesper Larsson

Jesper Larsson is a Freelance PenTester. Jesper works with a hacker community called Cure53. Co-organizes SecurityFest in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hosts Säkerhetspodcasten or The Security Podcast. Jesper is also a Star on Hackad, a Swedish TV Series about hacking.

#212 November 22, 2023

Confidential Computing, with Fabian Kammel

Fabian Kammel is a Security Architect at ControlPlane, where he helps to make the (cloud-native) world a safer place. In his career, he continuously worked to bring hardware security and cloud-native security closer together. His past projects include:

  • A cloud-native PKIs for on-road vehicle services secured by enterprise HSMs
  • An always-encrypted Kubernetes distribution that harnesses the power of Confidential Computing
  • And more recently securing SPIFFE-based machine identities via hardware attestation.

#211 November 17, 2023

etcd, with Marek Siarkowicz and Wenjia Zhang

Guests are Marek Siarkowicz, Senior Software Engineer at Google Cloud, Tech Lead of SIG-etcd AND Wenjia Zhang, Engineering Manager at Google Cloud and Co-Chair of SIG-etcd. We spoke about the project, the recent change to become a Special Interest Group and how to learn etcd.

#210 November 16, 2023

WasmCon 2023

WasmCon took place in Bellevue, Washington on Sept 6-7 2023. Kaslin and Mia from our advocacy team went down there and spoke to some folks at the conference to get their impression of the event.